Client Updates:

In order to improve overall customer service, AFL is reinforcing its submission form policy.  It is critical for us to have complete information at the time your sample arrives and is processed through login. This is to help facilitate processing of samples and to prevent any testing errors.

Submission Form

Client Information Form

Terms and Conditions

Credit Card Authorization

Client confidentiality Agreement

Supplies Request Form

The submission forms have been revised, and are now available in a PDF fill-able format. Click on the above link to access forms. The forms are also available on the website under the Submitting Samples tab, or you may contact AFL at to request the form.


AFL Leadership & Account Teams:

AFL Leadership Team

AFL Account Management Team

Helpful Tips:

  • Save form as a template with your standard information completed.
    • With each submission fill in pertinent information.
  • Attach additional information or questions on separate sheet of paper.
  • Copy your salesperson, if applicable, for special tests or turnaround so they may work with login and lab department to meet your need.
  • If shipping product for testing, email us at a copy of the submission form in advance so that we may begin to process; when your product arrives it will require verification only and be processed quicker.
  • Results will be emailed to contact listed on the submission form; results are also available via Result Point.

Going forward, if we receive a submission form that does not comply, samples will be placed on hold and client contacted. Testing will not proceed until a valid submission form is provided.

Rush Testing Guidelines
We understand your need to often request rush testing and will make every effort to accommodate you as an important client. Following are some suggestions to make the process easier and to ensure you get your results in a timely manner.

  • Notify AFL in advance; prior to sending samples if possible.
    • Contact your sales representative; if they are unavailable, contact the appropriate lab department, or call the main number.
  • Provide either submission sheet or detailed request in advance so that we may assess our ability to process the rush.
    • Allows discussion for cost and timing
    • Review methodologies
    • Opportunity to make alternative arrangements, if necessary
  • If advance notice is not possible ensure RUSH is highlighted on submission form and attach any additional questions or information
    • Contact your sales representative; if they are unavailable, contact the appropriate lab department, or call the main number.
  • Rush requests are not guaranteed without confirmation either from your sales representative or lab department
  • AFL’s standard Rush charges are:
  • 100% for 24 hours
  • 75% for 2 days
  • 50% for 3 days
  • These are ranges only and will be confirmed based on specific client needs. A rush is considered complete when a final report is available to client (on result point, by email, or per request.)

Available Supplies Form (Attachment)
AFL does provide supplies to our clients, including, but not limited to:

  • Q-tip Swabs
  • Hydrosponges
  • Spongecicles
  • Specimen Cups
  • Whirpak Bags (55 and 24oz)
  • Air Plates (SMA, TSA, VRBA, or PDA)

Available Supplies (Attachment)

AFL will also provide one kit (cooler plus two ice packs) for shipping purposes of temperature sensitive items. Additional kits may be purchased. Please note that client may be responsible for replacement of damaged kits (beyond expected wear.)

Supplies are provided via Ground shipping, or local courier, at no cost. The client is responsible for the cost of any expedited shipping methods.

Up to three months worth of testing supplies can be provided at a time. Supplies that are not returned to AFL for testing after 3 months will be billed to the client. 

To order supplies, please call the main lab number 972-336-0336, or email your Supply Request form to

Minimum Billing Policy
AFL reserves the right to assess a minimum billing fee of $125.00 if:

  • Your invoice cost does not add up to $125.00 in any given month
  • Samples are not sent in on a routine basis (as determined by AFL.)

Please contact your Account Manager if you have any questions regarding this policy.

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