New and Improved Nutrition Facts Label. What is Your Transition Plan?

The Most Important Changes:

• Added sugars
• Serving size
• Dual column labeling
• RACCs (Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed)

The AFL Nutrition Services group has the expertise to help you plan, navigate and implement!

When Do I Need Dual Labels On My Packages? How Do I Calculate New RACCs?

Deadlines Start to Take Effect Jan. 1, 2020

The Time to Act is NOW!

1. Special discount pricing available (for a limited time)
2. Consult an expert
3. Submit samples for testing

Next Update: Dual Labeling Requirements For More Information Contact an Expert:

Kim Wesley, M.S., Nutrition Services Manager  
P: 972.336.0336 or M: 817.680.8013
Terri O’Brien, Nutrition Services
P: 972.336.0336 or M: 630.803.0357