Part of the Tentamus Group – Labs for Life

In 2018, AFL joined the Tentamus Group, founded a decade ago, providing our clients access to a global network of labs. Tentamus is a global product and safety group with a core pres­ence in Europe, UK, Israel, Greater China, Japan and the USA. Accred­ited and licensed Tentamus Group tests, audits and consults on all prod­ucts involving the human body. Tentamus Group is repre­sented in over 50 loca­tions world­wide with more than 2,500 highly-trained staff members working in over 2 million square feet of labo­ra­tory and office spaces. For further infor­ma­tion please see: https://​www​.tentamus​.com/​a​f​l​-​j​o​i​n​s​-​t​e​n​t​amus/

Hundreds of clients have utilized AFL’s services over the years

AFL main­tains ISO 17025 accred­i­ta­tion, provides research-based testing, and contin­u­ously intro­duces new tech­nolo­gies. As part of the Tentamus Group of global part­ners, we have seam­less access to other services when they are needed. Addi­tion­ally, AFL is dedi­cated to sharing its knowl­edge at its own Educa­tional Solu­tions seminar series, lunch-and-learns, industry confer­ences, special events and speaking engagements.

Local Approach. Global Results.

Our depart­ments are all housed in one loca­tion. One point of contact provides access to the Tentamus global network of labs.

For more than 30 years, AFL has been keeping people safe by providing analyt­ical data for the consumer goods industry — from concept to consump­tion — working with national, regional, and local clients in the food, phar­ma­ceu­tical, dietary supple­ment, beverage, water, personal care and food­ser­vice segments.”

The AFL differ­ence means we don’t just give you numbers, we help you inter­pret results.

Secure Online Tracking

Our secure, real-time client portal provides search capa­bil­i­ties to make it easy to find order status and down­load analyt­ical results. It also makes it easy to find infor­ma­tion and navi­gate through multiple accounts.

One-On-One Atten­tion

AFL can assist you with product analysis and devel­op­ment, trouble-shooting, quality assur­ance and compli­ance issues. Routine labo­ra­tory analysis is offered on a per test basis and to meet your needs. We are an ISO 17025 accred­ited lab, and also hold accred­i­ta­tions with USDA, NELAC/NELAP and are regis­tered with the FDA. Proce­dures comply with offi­cial method­olo­gies including FDA, USDA, AACC, AOAC, AOCS, ASTA, EPA AND USP.

Tailored Inter­pre­ta­tion

Our consul­ta­tive approach inter­prets your results, and high­lights infor­ma­tion that can posi­tively impact your busi­ness. We pride ourselves on our ability to commu­ni­cate with all levels of management.

Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is to become the most acclaimed and respected company for food safety and quality assur­ance. AFL has set itself the goal of becoming the premier labo­ra­tory service provider for the food industry.

The satis­fac­tion of our customers is the prime driver by which we will achieve our vision.


AFL provides analyt­ical data for the consumer goods industry — from concept to consump­tion —working with national, regional, and local clients in the food, phar­ma­ceu­tical, dietary supple­ment, beverage, water, personal care, and food service segments.

We bring exper­tise to the table for producers, proces­sors, and consumers, using the most advanced tech­nology in the industry. Our services help provide value to our customers’ prod­ucts, and in turn help assure the safety of every consumer.


Together, the breadth of our expe­ri­ence and the use of cutting-edge scien­tific methods and lab equip­ment allow us to do what we do best: Ensuring the quality and safety of our clients’ prod­ucts and services. We unite manage­ment and scien­tific expertise.

Trust, trans­parency, and commit­ment are some of our most impor­tant values both within the company and towards our customers. The satis­fac­tion of our customers and employees is our greatest asset and is the key to our success as a company.

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