Your Menu Represents Your Brand

…Are Your Menus Updated for the New FDA Law?

 What exactly is required to be posted on menus and menu boards?

  • Calorie information
  • Succinct statement concerning suggested daily calorie intake
  • Statement that written nutrition information is available upon request

Who is affected? 

Consumers must now have access to calories on menus and menu boards for any chain restaurant with 20 or more locations, that do business under the same name. In addition, written nutrition information for all standard menu items must be available upon consumer request.

If it’s not a requirement for my restaurant, should I still think about making changes?

Because consumers will be looking for more details on nutritional information, all restaurants should consider providing this information as a competitive advantage. Transparency will continue to become more and more important to consumers.

More questions? AFL has the answers!

  • Are calories available on your bar menu, catering menu, breakfast/brunch menu, electronic apps with online purchasing?
  • Do calories need to appear on flyers? Coupons? POP posters?
  • Will supermarkets, bakeries, cafeterias, convenience stores, movie theaters, bowling alleys, amusement parks etc. need to comply with the May 7th ruling?

To discuss how the changes will affect your business and menus, contact AFL at 972-336-0336 today!

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